NIA (National Institute on Aging) Bypass Budget Report 2021: 80-page report designed for Congress and other NIA stakeholders interested in the fundIng aspect of NIA. The cover focuses on the concept of moving forward and progress. The use of transparent hexagons throughout the design conveys the unknown of continous research within NIA. The design successfully combines use of stock photography mixed with client photography. View Report

My Role: Graphic design including concept, infographics and photo selection under tight deadline.
NICHD Maternal Mortality & Morbidity Infographic: Designed for use in congressional hearings to justify maternal health budget for NIH. This infographic uses icons, silhouette, and timeline to illustrate the fact that the US has very high rates of Maternal Mortality while also showing how NIH is addressing this important problem — in an easy to follow format. View Infographic.

My Role: Graphic design including general concept, iconography and layout under tight deadline.

Minority Resource Group Logo: Brand identity for in-agency leadership group — to empower and inspire diversity and equity at Palladian Partners by creating a safe space for marginalized staff.

My Role: Graphic design including general concept, final vector art and research.

FDA Social Card Templates: Designed a family of templates for client utilzing various options for photography, gradient, and color palette — while staying within brand guidelines.

My Role: Graphic design including general concept, icons and layout.

All of Us Research Program: Design for various digital formats including web banner,s email templates and infographics.

My Role: Graphic design including general concept, icons and layout.

NIH Seed Products: Developed and refined a cohesive brand identity for NIH SEED, allowing user to quickly understand where they are in the R&D path.

My Role:  Worked collaboratlively with stakeholders, art director and client to collaborate on best end product, graphic design of custom infographics and design elements. Created brand styleguide for client use.

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